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Dr. Turner conducts a thorough eye health examination for all of her patients. Annual eye exams are recommended because several eye diseases are slow to develop such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, and initially presents few indications to the patient that their vision is becoming impaired. The staff will prepare each patient for their eye examination by conducting several tests which measure a patient’s depth perception, field of vision, color perception, internal eye pressure, and a digital photo of the inside of the patient’s eye. Dr. Turner evaluates the results of the remainder of their eye health examination. Results of the testing are discussed with the patient and their visual acuity is determined. At the conclusion of her eye examination, Dr. Turner will recommend appropriate eye disease treatments, if warranted, and recommend appropriate vision correction choices. A large selection of designer eyeglass frames, lenses, and trial contact lenses are available at Eldorado Vision & Optical.

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