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Eldorado Vision & Optical stocks over 800 designer frames and a wide variety of lenses. Each person has a uniquely shaped face, prefers a different frame color and/or design, and no one pair of eyeglasses addresses the variety of activities associated with an individual’s lifestyle.

Work, School, Everyday – These are frames and lenses that would be worn while at work, school, and everyday activities associated with your lifestyle. These frames can be as “fashion-forward” as your personality desires. Frame color and design are your personal choice. Our experienced Opticians will assist you with the wide selection of frames and lenses that are available. Note: If you wear contact lenses, prescription glasses will need to be worn when you elect to not wear your contacts but still require vision correction.


Computer Glasses – If your daily work or school activities include a considerable amount of time at a computer, you might also seriously consider getting a pair of “computer glasses” to decrease eye strain and reduce harmful effects of blue light. Blue light comes from computer screens, tablets, cellphones, digital games and TVs. Our Opticians will assist you in selecting the best frame for you and discuss the advantages of Hoya’s BluTech or Recharge lenses.


Sunglasses – Protecting your vision from harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun is a daily requirement, and it’s year-‘round if you live in Texas. Dr. Turner recommends that you always wear sunglasses when you are outdoors working, participating in sports activities, driving, or are just walking around. Our Opticians will gladly assist you with selecting the most complimentary sunglass frames and lenses. Non-prescription sunglass lenses are recommended for people who wear contact lenses and sunglasses and highly recommended for individuals who have had cataract lens implant surgery.


Special Occasion Glasses – If your lifestyle often includes “special occasion activities” parties, concerts, business gatherings or other activities that require you to ‘dress up”, you might consider special designer frames and lenses. Just like one shoe style isn’t always appropriate for all of your lifestyle activities, one pair of glasses is often not quite suitable for those special occasions when you desire a more elegant, sporty or professional look.