How to Choose Glasses that Complement Your Face

How to Choose Glasses that Complement Your Face

If you wear eyeglasses, you know that vision correction isn’t the only thing to consider when choosing the right pair of glasses. The frames you select become part of your appearance — they show off your unique personality and complement your face, helping you look your best.

At Eldorado Vision & Optical in McKinney, Texas, our optometrist, Stacy Turner, OD, and skilled opticians are dedicated to helping you have the best vision possible while feeling confident and comfortable in the glasses you choose. 

To help you choose the right frames for your face, we created this easy, three-step guide: 

1. Consider your skin undertone

While people usually consider their eye and hair color, it’s less common to take into account their skin’s undertones. Dr. Turner and our team know that your undertones actually form the foundation of choosing the best frames for you.

Your undertones determine which colors flatter your skin and which wash it out. There are three main complexion categories: 

If you don’t know where your skin hue falls on the undertone spectrum, our team at Eldorado Vision & Optical can help. Once you know your undertones, seek out frames that complement your coloring. Here’s what to keep in mind:

For warm undertones, look for frames with mostly warm colors, such as:

Avoid cool colors that make your face look sickly or washed out.

For cool skin undertones, look for frames with most cool colors, such as:

Avoid warm colors that make your skin look ruddy, flushed, or pale and washed out.

People with neutral undertones can usually wear frames in both warm and cool tones. Pay special attention to frame colors that flatter your eye or lip color, and look for frames that show off your best features. 

2. Evaluate your face shape

After you’ve narrowed down your selection of frames using your undertones, evaluate the shape of your face. Wearing the right frame type for your face shape helps balance your face and brings your best features forward. Here are some guidelines to consider:

Oval faces

Oval faces are naturally symmetrical with good balance and proportion. This means most eyeglass shapes work with your face shape, but you’ll want to stay away from narrow frames or any frames that sit too deeply on your face.

Square faces

Square faces have strong jaws and broader foreheads, and the length and width of your face will be close in size. Look for frames that soften your angles and bring a little added length to your face. Avoid square or boxy frames, which can make square faces look large or heavy.

Round faces

If you have a round face, look for frames that run across the broadest place on your face. Stay away from narrow frames, which can make your face look rounder and less angled. Choosing the right glasses helps your face look a little longer and slimmer, adding definition. 

Diamond faces

Diamond faces start with a narrow forehead, then widen quickly to high cheekbones, followed by a narrow jawline. Look for frames that draw attention to your eyes while softening your dramatic cheekbones, such as frames with thick browlines or decorative detailing around the eyes. Stay away from narrow frames or glasses that draw attention to your angular features, like cat-eye glasses. 

Heart-shaped faces

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the top and middle, then narrow delicately at the jaw and chin. If you have a heart-shaped face, seek out rimless frames or glasses that have heavier, thicker bottoms to add balance to your lower face. Keep in mind decorative eyeglasses or frames with a thick browline bring out the largest part of your face.

3. Get an expert’s opinion

Many other factors affect which glasses best complement your face while still providing the best field of vision possible. For example, depending on your lifestyle, work, hobbies, and habits, you may benefit from a flexible frame or a heavy-duty frame. 

To help you find the best frames for your face, our team at Eldorado Vision & Optical asks you about your style preferences and lifestyle, then considers your prescription and lens needs in addition to evaluating your facial shape, features, and undertones.

Ready to get great vision and look your best? With an exceptionally wide range of featured frames to choose from — including top-end designer frames — you’re sure to find the pair of glasses that best complements your face.

To learn more, schedule an appointment online or over the phone with a provider at Eldorado Vision & Optical in McKinney, Texas, today.

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