Glaucoma Management

Woman Getting Eye Exam

Glaucoma is generally a slow-to-develop eye disease typically caused by increasing pressure inside the eye which can damage the optic nerve. Most people that have glaucoma experience no early symptoms or pain. Left untreated, glaucoma can lead to ever-decreasing vision and eventually blindness. Dr. Turner is a certified Glaucoma Specialist. She recommends annual eye health examinations, as that is the only way eye diseases, such and Glaucoma, can be detected. Pre-testing is a multi-step standard-of-care process for all patients who schedule a comprehensive eye health examination at Eldorado Vision & Optical. It is during this process that patients are tested for signs of Glaucoma.

A Non-Contact Tonometer test measures the internal pressure of each eye. The results of this test and others are provided to Dr. Turner for evaluation prior to meeting with the patient. Should results of this test indicate the presence of Glaucoma the patient will be fully informed by Dr. Turner who will recommend the appropriate treatment routine for the patient to follow. Glaucoma treatment routines consist of the application of specific eye drops which are designed to decrease internal eye pressure and slow the progression of this eye disease. Dr. Turner will monitor patients who have Glaucoma to evaluate the effectiveness of the eye drops prescribed.

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