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If you are interested in contacts or already wear them and want to have your contact lens prescription updated, make certain you inform our staff when you schedule your appointment for your eye examination. This will ensure that your exam includes extra time for additional tests needed for a proper contact lens fitting or prescription update.

Dr. Turner has extensive experience successfully fitting patients of all ages with the most appropriate, comfortable contact lenses for their eyes. We have thousands of trial contact lenses on-site to ensure that the best fitting and most comfortable contacts are selected for you regardless of your vision correction. Contacts are available to address several needs; daily wear, extended wear, specialty, astigmatic, multi-focal, sports, etc. In addition, specialty contact lenses such as rigid gas permeable or scleral contact lenses can be custom ordered as needed.

If you are new to wearing contact lenses you can be assured that a trained staff member will patiently assist you in successfully putting in and taking out your new contacts before you leave our practice. In addition, educational literature will be made available to you to take home as a reminder of the proper techniques of wearing and caring for your contact lenses. These brochures are illustrated in the Contact Lens Examination & Services section of this website.