Contact Lens Exams & Services

Woman Putting in Contact Lens

Dr. Turner has extensive experience in successfully fitting her patients who elect to wear contacts for their vision correction. Just as one shoe size doesn’t fit everyone one contact lens brand and size doesn’t fit every patient. In addition to a comprehensive eye health examination, several additional tests are performed during a contact lens exam to determine the most appropriate and ultimately the most comfortable lens for the patient. New contact lens designs and materials are developed every year and Dr. Turner will prescribe the best lens brand and material for your needs and comfort.

Corneal topography measurements, pupil and iris measurements, and the patient’s tear oil evaluation are all part of the Contact Lens Examination process in determining the appropriate contact lenses for a patient. Dr. Turner can select from thousands of trial contact lenses available at Eldorado Vision and Optical. Once the power and base curve have been determined for each eye, Dr. Turner will have the patient try on the lenses to determine proper fit and comfort. Special contact lenses (toric lenses) may be required for individuals with an astigmatism. These lenses are also available at Eldorado Vision & Optical.

New contact lens wearers are counseled by Dr. Turner regarding the proper wearing and caring for their contacts. Once a new contact lens patient is fitting with his/her contacts, a trained staff member will assist them in successfully putting in and taking out their contacts prior to leaving the practice.

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